“Companies must take the lead
in bringing business and society back together.”

Michael Porter


We sell our products in bulk, as well as packaged for retail sale, under our own Organic Sierra & Selva brand or as private label. We ship to over 25 countries on all continents. Our clients are reputable brands, food manufacturers, and brokers. They choose Organic Sierra & Selva because we have proven to be the perfect business partner for companies seeking quality, volume, reliability, responsiveness, and a problem-solving capacity. Our dynamic growth is an experience we seek to share with our customers, evolving hand-in-hand.

Our Story

Today, Organic Sierra & Selva is the leading exporter of Andean and ancient grains, particularly quinoa and chia. When the company was founded in 2007, however, its main focus was on the sourcing and exportation of cacao and coffee beans, beginnings that are still reflected today in its commercial name: Sierra & Selva (mountains and jungle). Three years after it started operations from 2008 on the company began to concentrate on quinoa and chia, a decision that has proven highly successful.


We have invested in bricks and stones to ensure that we have full control over our entire production process. And we want our clients to know that, with such high stakes, they can trust in us to manage our business wisely.

In Peru, we own and operate two ancient grains facilities: one for organic goods and one for conventional products. In both plants combined, we have the capacity to produce over 1,000 MT per month. We also run a packaging facility for our branded products, as well as a beverage plant for our chia and quinoa drinks.

In Paraguay, we have a chia seed cleaning facility with a capacity of over 200 MT per month. This plant is 100% owned and operated by Organic Sierra & Selva, guaranteeing the same quality and same service.

Our quality

We follow strict internal processes to ensure the best possible quality. Our in-house laboratory allows us to monitor our processes and products constantly. We have obtained the most important food safety and quality management certifications, allowing our clients to rest easy in the knowledge that they have chosen the right partner:





Born in Lima in 1959, Thomas Tidow graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stuttgart, Germany, in 1985, and received an Executive MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992. Following a career in the German automotive sector, he entered the natural resources sector and worked in senior management positions for Repsol, Vopak, and Shell, both in Peru and internationally. He served as Country Manager of Peru at Baron Oil Plc (formerly Gold Oil Plc), following a stint as COO beginning in April 2009. Nowadays, he acts as the company’s senior consultant, so that he has more time to concentrate on his own business: Thomas is the cofounder and chairman of Organic Sierra & Selva, a venture that was the first to focus on organic Andean ancient grains in Peru. Outside the workplace, Thomas maintains an intimate relationship with graphic design, architecture, and the arts.




Born in Lima in 1972, César Zorrilla was a longstanding member of the Peruvian Navy, receiving his Bachelor’s in Administrative Sciences from the Peruvian Naval School in 1993. With the values of honesty, discipline, loyalty, and respect for the less fortunate instilled in him by his military background, he pursued his MBA at the Université du Québec in Montreal, Canada, graduating in 2003. After retiring from the Navy in 2004, Mr. Zorrilla opened a fitness center focused on personal training and nutrition. This interest in health led him to cofound Organic Sierra & Selva in 2007, together with Thomas Tidow, focusing on the production and export of organic Andean ancient grains, with a philosophy adapted from Dr. Michael Porter’s concept of “Creating Shared Value.” In 2012, he had the opportunity to participate in an executive program for CEOs at the Kellogg School of Management. He has been the CEO of Organic Sierra & Selva since 2007.



Operation Director

Felipe was born in Lima in 1978 into a Peruvian-Chinese family with a long history of entrepreneurship. At the age of 17, he entered the Officers’ School of the Peruvian Navy to serve his country, later holding important positions during his military career. Driven by the urge to grow as a professional in the business world, he decided to retire from the Navy after fifteen years of service, after which he spent time working in different industries such as plastics, chemicals, glass, and others, where he gained significant experience in the operations area. He pursued his master’s degree and executive studies at prestigious local and foreign institutions, including the Centrum Graduate Business School (MBA), Kellogg School of Management, Yale School of Management, and the University of Tennessee, among others. In early 2014, he joined the Organic Sierra & Selva team as Operations Director. In 2016, he expanded his duties, additionally becoming the company’s Deputy General Manager. Felipe has a passion for challenges, and constantly seeks to innovate in process improvement, product development, and the development of new lines of business.



Commercial Director

Pablo was born in Lima, Peru, where he spent most of his childhood. He later moved to the United States, where he finished school. He went on to earn an MA in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh, after which he joined Organic Sierra & Selva as a Customer Service Executive, quickly ascending through the ranks to become Commercial Director in January 2016. His vast experience in the industry, from small farmer relationships to customer satisfaction and high-level negotiation and strategy, combined with his extensive knowledge of foreign markets and cultures, make him an invaluable asset to the company.



Finance Director

César was born in Lima, but spent his childhood in the Peruvian jungle and highlands. He pursued his studies in Lima, graduating from the business administration program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. After ten years in the banking industry, he joined Organic Sierra & Selva as Treasury Manager and later Finance Director. César holds a Master’s in Finance and an MBA. His academic background and broad work experience have made him one of the key factors behind the company’s growth.



Country Manager – Paraguay

Leonardo was born in Lima, Peru, in 1973. He graduated from the Peruvian Naval School, after which he studied business administration at ISIL and the Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas. He worked for financial entities such as Banco Wiese Sudameris and Rimac Seguros, spending ten years at the latter. His entrepreneurial interests led him to found a company in the water and beverages sector, which he later sold to industry giant Voss Norway. Driven by his passion for technology, he then undertook a second project, this time in the cybersecurity sector, where he had the chance to work with many of the major players in Silicon Valley. Anxious to continue his personal and professional growth, he partnered with Cesar Zorrilla and Thomas Tidow to create TCL ORGÁNIC Paraguay, where he has held the position of Country Manager for the last five years.